Jeremy Kavan

In January of 2009, Jeremy Kavan started Wide Open Fabrications with a commitment to ‘service with no limits’ and full throttle innovation. It has always been his dream to turn his ingenuity, dedication and passion into his full-time profession.

All of his life Jeremy has specialized in custom, handcrafted creations such as cars, bikes, metal fabrication, furniture, commercial furnishings and the list goes on and on. Jeremy’s skills developed at a young age…at 7 he built a skateboard ramp, at 10 he built a hot tub, at 11 he started his first business mowing lawns and built a trailer to carry his lawnmower with his bicycle, at 13 he built a boat (which actually floated and carried his parents and brother!).

Jeremy graduated top of his class from Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Florida.  His craft and passion turned to building things that went fast and delivered heart pumping adrenaline.  Jeremy stumbled upon a 1964 bone stock, in-line 6 banger Chevy Nova and completely rebuilt it from the ground up. He also started building award winning, custom motorcycles which have been featured on the cover of Easyriders and other publications.  Recently he has developed a hobby for hand-built-from-scratch collector road/dirt thrashers.

Whatever the project, you can guarantee that Jeremy is putting years of experience and passion behind anything he designs with meticulous detail, remarkable craftsmanship and exceptional quality.

Off the clock Jeremy fuels his passion for adrenaline with dirt biking, wake surfing and snowmobiling with his family.